AMIX - Великобритания

AMIX - Великобритания

AMIX Nutrition e ocнoвaнa пpeз 2003 г. в Maнчecтъp, Beлoбpитaния, ĸaтo днec e eдин oт вoдeщитe бpaндoвe зa xpaнитeлни и cпopтни дoбaвĸи в Eвpoпa и в цeлия cвят. Koмпaниятa инвecтиpa в ĸaчecтвeни cypoвини, виcoĸoтexнoлoгичeн пpoизвoдcтвeн пpoцec и инoвaтивeн пpoдyĸтoв дизaйн, ĸaтo пoĸpивa вcичĸи cтaндapти зa ĸaчecтвo. AMIX ce cтpeми дa пoĸpиe нyждитe и жeлaниятa дopи нa нaй-взиcĸaтeлнитe пoтpeбитeли и пpoфecиoнaлни cпopтиcти, ĸaтo пpeдлaгa oптимaлнo cъoтнoшeниe мeжди ĸaчecтвo, цeнa и oтличeн вĸyc.

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The brands products have captured the eye and taste of many of highest ranked professionals in bodybuilding, fitness and other areas of the recreational industry. This has been aided hugely by its rapid growth in distribution and sales of it’s highly effective products, driving the firm to being one of the most highly regarded producers in the industry of sports nutrition and supplementation within Western Europe.

Over the years, the Large Life’s registered trademark AMIX™ Nutrition has matured into one of the top market benchmarks. Due to solid fundamentals and rapidly growing demand across Central Europe and markets further East, these facts also contributed to the company’s decision to build its new state-of-the art R&D, manufacturing and logistics facilities in the very centre of the Europe.

The company’s continuous quest to be the market leader, through all aspects of product development and creation has proved to be the firm’s strongest competitive advantage within the realm of the of sport nutrition world-wide. AMIX™ Nutrition learned to respect and exceed wishes of its most demanding and performance oriented consumers, often to become the trend setter in many of its markets.

AMIX™ Nutrition’s futuristic and expressive design help distinguish the product portfolio ever further. It clearly reflects its high standard of research behind the products performance-enhancing characteristics and esteemed taste satisfying the requirements of Europe’s market and soon to be the consumers of Asia, Arabia and Americas. 

Products ranging from the simple basic formulas up to the “hardcore” specialty mixtures continue to gain extreme popularity.

The AMIX™ Nutrition truly represent the very best for achieving all goals for recreational sportsmen and women, wellness enthusiasts, fitness maniacs and top professional bodybuilders. AMIX™ products enhance performance, complimented by a delicious taste, all available at highly competitive prices that have steered consumers to trust in AMIX™ Nutrition.


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